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Jawaban Terjemahan 100

Posted by winardiary on March 8, 2010

Jawaban Terjemahan 100

Dear All,

Please find our translation below, and compare with yours.

  1. Do you agree with the new program? Which program?
  2. The new program, that is just implemented by the government, which is giving free gas stoves to all poor families. Yes, I agree. The important thing is no fees or totally free.
  3. Yes, it’s totally free, including the gas bottle. Where does the government get money for that number of stoves?
  4. It has been budgeted in the APBN (the national budget). If the money is not enough, the government can borrow it again from the fund institution or other countries.
  5. When wil the stove arrive in our village? Now is being distributed gradually. At the latest this year we will have been able to cook by / using gas, not kerosine anymore.

Thank you



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