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Contoh soal percakapan Bahasa Inggris sehari-hari, di hotel, di bank, dll.

Jawaban Terjemahan Hari Ini 67

Posted by winardiary on May 16, 2009

Jawaban Terjemahan 67

Dear All,

Please find our translation below, and compare with yours.

1. Do you ever hope to get a lot of money with a little / less work? Of course. All people must be expecting it.
2. Do you ever get it? One time yes, but not too much.
3. How did the money come? I helped my neighbour to get a buyer for his house. And when the house was sold, he gave me three million rupiahs. Little work, but much money, isn’t it?
4. Yes, you are very lucky. Isn’t there any of your neighbor now offering his / her house?
5. Not yet. Though / while I already have (a) prospective buyer(s). Pray for me! I’ll give you a gift / some money later.

Thank you


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