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Translation Latihan Hari Ini XIII

Posted by winardiary on December 26, 2008

Dear All,

Please find our translation below, and compare it with yours.

1. Now, I have been a doctor. I should thank (both) my parents.
2. The fried rice must be very delicious. Is it for me?
3. Amir doesn’t work on Sunday.
4. Exercise is the most important thing in learning English.
5. This house had been built when I was 3 years old.
6. Write your name on a piece of paper, then fold it (the paper) so people can not see your name anymore.
7. This cake might be three times harder than the cake (the one) you made yesterday.
8. Too cheap is also not too good. People will think that our product doesn’t have quality.
9. Say no to corruption. We all should improve the quality of our human resources.
10. Don’t change this village to be a city. Let it be as it is (Leave it as it is). One day we will miss it.

Thank you and regards,


2 Responses to “Translation Latihan Hari Ini XIII”

  1. Pupun said

    The fried rice must be very delicious?
    nasi goreng ini harus sangat enak.

    kenapa di translate jadi “Nasi goreng ini pasti sangat lezat”
    apakah arti “must be” disini adalah pasti?
    mohon penjelasannya ya…


    • winardiary said


      Selain bermakna “harus”, must juga bisa bermakna “pasti”.
      Contoh lain :
      You must be very happy here = Kamu pasti sangat bahagia di sini.
      They must have finished the report now = Mereka pasti sudah menyelesaikan laporan itu sekarang.

      Terima kasih dan salam,

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