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Pencil Sharpener

Posted by winardiary on October 25, 2008

Pencil Sharpener

A : Lidia B : Siska

A : Do you bring pencil sharpener?
B : Yes, (I) bring. Here.
A : I borrow for a moment. Mine is brought by my sister.
B : Ya, just use it.
A : How much did you buy it?
B : Two for one thousand.
A : Oh, not so expensive. Please buy two for me / Can you buy two for me?
B : Yes, this afternoon I will buy it for you.
A : Here is the money. Thank you.
B : You’re welcome.


5 Responses to “Pencil Sharpener”

  1. santo said

    artina diletakkan dmana? trm ksh

  2. santo said

    o iya ada , maf saya baru menemukannya
    trima kasih

  3. terima kasih, blog ini sgt membantu sya dlm mencari easy conversation untk keperluan Ujian praktek Sekolah saya.

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