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Flower Vase

Posted by winardiary on October 25, 2008

Flower Vase

A : Linda B : Indri

A : Which group is on duty today?
B : My group, because yesterday was your group.
A : Have you prepared flower vase?
B : Already. I have brought flowers and the vase, but haven’t arranged yet.
A : I will help you to make it. Where is the flower?
B : Here. All these flowers I took from the garden behind my house.
A : I also have flower garden, but a bit far from my house.
B : Do you have orchid (flower) tree?
A : Yes, I have. I like orchid very much, its flower is beautiful, colorful, and can last long.
B : I also like. Last time I had a lot of orchid trees in pot, but my mother sold some of them, to support my school fee.
A : Maybe, you can plant it again.
B : Yes, maybe…


One Response to “Flower Vase”

  1. i like this conversation, it’s easly to understand

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