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Handling a Room Reservation

Posted by winardiary on October 24, 2008

Handling a Room Reservation

A = Reservation staff B = Mr Chris Scott

A : Good morning Reservation (of Kimuni Hotel), how may I help you?
B : I want to book a room (make a room reservation)
A : When would you like to stay with us?
B : Around the end of this/the year.
A : All right Sir. We have 3 types of room, standard, deluxe, and suite. The price of the standard room is Rp 50.000 (fifty thousand rupiah) per night, deluxe room is Rp 100.000 (one hundred thousand rupiah) per night, and the suite is Rp 200.000 (two hundred thousand rupiah) per night. What(which) type of room would you like to book?
B : I want to book a deluxe room for me and my wife.
A : Please wait a moment. I will check if the deluxe room is still available for the end of the year.
A : All right Sir, we still have deluxe room available for the end of the year. May we know your arrival and departure date?
B : I will arrive on 27th December and depart on January 03rd.
A : All right Sir I will make a room reservation for you. Could I have/know your name please?
B : Chris Scott
A : Could you spell it for me please?
B : C for Charlie, H for Hotel, R for Romeo, I for India S for Sierra. S for Sierra, C for Charlie, O for Oscar, T for Tango, T for Tango……
A : All right Mr Scott, I have made a room reservation for you. You will check in on December 27 and check out on January 03, total 7(seven) nights. I will send the confirmation by fax. Could I have your fax number?
B : I am sorry I don’t have fax.
A : How about email?
B : Yes, this is my email address :
A : Thank you. I will send the confirmation by email.
B : Thank you


4 Responses to “Handling a Room Reservation”

  1. puji said

    goOD dheee…

    saya sekolah d jurusan perhotelan

    i always upload this convertation

  2. dewi said

    saya kuliah di stp trisakti D4 hotel,saya suka dengan ini ???

  3. Fandy said

    aku schol nang smk 3 klaten. Wahh ini membantu bgt pas aku ulangan

  4. Silah said

    this is a very good sample of conversation. so far I know whenever, handling room reservation the guest comes directly to the hotel or by phone. Handling any phone conversation to make us easier and efficient. using the method of GIST {Greeting, identification, Serve, and Thank}. hopefully, we always can share either our knowledge or experience. Thanks

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