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Contoh soal percakapan Bahasa Inggris sehari-hari, di hotel, di bank, dll.

Borrowing a Book

Posted by winardiary on October 24, 2008

Borrowing a Book

A : Do you bring English book?
B : Which English book?
A : Fifth level English book
B : Yes, I bring it..
A : Can I borrow?
B : Yes, here…
A : Thank you..
B : When will you return it?
A : Maybe tomorrow. I will copy first..
B : What happen to your book?
A : My book is lost. I’ve looked for it everywhere, but didn’t find..
B : It might be better if you buy it again.
A : Now, I don’t have money. Maybe next month I can buy it.
B : Yes, you can take my book, but tomorrow should be returned.
A : Yes, sure. Thank you.
B : You’re welcome…


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