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Terjemahan Membeli Pulpen

Posted by winardiary on October 15, 2008

Buying Ballpoint

A : Lidia B : Siska

A : Yesterday I went to Toko 5000 (5000 shop).
B : Toko 5000? What is it?
A : Toko 5000 is a shop which most of the items sold for Rp 5000 atau priced Rp 5000 (five thousand rupiahs).
B : Oh yes? (atau Is it?) I just know. Where is the location?
A : On Gatot Subroto street, not far from my house.
B : What items are sold there (available there)?
A : It’s vary. Starting from school needs, books, papers, ballpoint, and also house tools.
B : What did you buy yesterday?
A : I just bought a dozen of ballpoints.
B : How much?
A : Ya…, Rp 5.000. The name is Toko 5000.
B : One dozen of ballpoints for Rp 5000? So, less than Rp 500 per piece? Is the quality good?
A : Ya.., it’s fair enough/good enough. I bought it/them for me and my brothers.
B : I also want to buy it/them. Can I see one of your ballpoint?
A : Here.
B : Thank you. This afternoon I go there….


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