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Terjemahan Kebun Sekolah

Posted by winardiary on October 12, 2008

School Garden

A : Linda B : Indri

A : Have you read the announcement?
B : Not yet. Announcement about what? (What is the announcement about?)
A : About the general test this semester.
B : Where is it (the announcement)?
A : In the teacher’s room.
B : Yes, I will read later.
A : By the way, what will we do tiday?
B : According to the class chief, today we will make school garden.
A : Where?
B : In front of our class.
A : Do you bring tools for gardening?
B : I just bring a bucket and sickle.
A : I think it’s enough.
B : Let’s go to the yard.
A : Let’s go…


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