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Terjemahan Mengantar Tamu ke Kamar (II)

Posted by winardiary on October 11, 2008

Escorting guest to the room (II)

Arrive in front of the room.

Bell boy opens the door and enter the room first (without luggage), followed by the guest. Bell boy return to take the luggage.

After putting/placing the luggage

A : Mr Scott, would you like me to explain your room facilities?
B : Yes, please.
A : We start from here.
This is the master switch for the power. Insert your key card here, and the power will be on. If you leave the room, take your key card from here, and the power in the room will be off.
This is the telephone, which can be used to make an International Direct Dial (IDD) call. Please press “9” first and then the telephone number…..
This is the remote control for your television, and your minibar is here. This is the form for the minibar. Please fill in this form if you take a drink or something from the minibar. And this is the remote control for your Air Conditioner.
Here is your safety deposit box. Please put your valuable things here. You can read how to use it here.
Now we go to the bathroom….
This is the hot and cold water tap. The red one is for the hot water, and the blue one is for the cold water. Here there are two bottles complimentary mineral water per day. Tooth brush and tooth paste are here, while the razor blade is here.
Shower cap is here, and here is garbage bag….
This is the laundry bag, and the laundry form. Please fill in the form if you wish to do the laundry…

A : I think that’s all. Is there any questions?
B : No, thank you.
A : You’re welcome. Have a nice stay with us.


4 Responses to “Terjemahan Mengantar Tamu ke Kamar (II)”

  1. makasi om

  2. achmad said

    tolong up date terus ya om…karena carnival menantiku…makasih banyak…

  3. ariadi said

    contoh tamu komlin ada ga

  4. hamidah said

    Sip deh ….. the

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