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Terjemahan Menerima Tamu Check In (II)

Posted by winardiary on October 11, 2008

Handling Check In (II)

A : Receptionist B : Mr Chris Scott

A : Good morning. Welcome to Kimuni Hotel. May I help you?
B : Good morning. Do you have rooms available?
A : Yes, Sir. We still have standard room available. The price is Rp 50.000 (fifty thousand rupiah) per night.
B : Do you have a better room?
A : Yes, we have deluxe room, but all are full (occupied) at the moment.
B : How about suite room?
A : We have one suite room available. The price is Rp 200.000 (two hundred thousand) per night.
B : Yes, I will take the suite room.
A : How long will you stay with us?
B : Two nights
A : Yes, the suite room is still available for two nights. Please fill in this registration form.
B : Here you are. (returning the form to the receptionist).
A : Thank you. How will you settle/pay your account?
B : I will pay by cash.
A : Could I have the payment of the room now? The total is Rp 400.000 for two nights.
B : Here you are. Please count first.
A : Thank you
……………………………….. (counting money)
A : Mr Scott, here is the receipt. Your room (suite) number is 4425. Here is the key. Our bell boy will escort you to the room. Have a nice stay with us/Enjoy your stay with us.


One Response to “Terjemahan Menerima Tamu Check In (II)”

  1. elynn said

    knpa tidak kta mnjual kmar dri yg trlebih mhal ke kmar terendah??
    untuk ilmu yg saya pljari
    kta hrs mnjual kmar dri hrga trtinggi sampai kmr trendah sprti standart room

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